Cryptworm tape cover
Cryptworm tape cover

From the stirrings of the Tombstones comes a great wretched stench of Death!

Presenting the debut Demo Tape from the festering minds of UK & Hungarian Maniacs, Cryptworm.

Featuring 3 Tracks of rancid & putrid death aptly entitled:

– Gruesome Death
– Cannibalized
– Gutswamp

Currently operating only as a Two Piece, Cryptworm present a solid foundation in this old school demo of death.

It’s clear With the level of experience garnered from current & past activities in acts such as Pale Mist (UK), Grave Crusher (Hungary), Coffinborn (Hungary) among countless others, it has only left them with a stronger axe to grind in ferociously carving out their vision of death.

To round out the demo, the visuals of the cover have been left to the sick & twisted masterworks of the infamous Mark Riddick.

With finally the tape being issued in classic Black & White demo form.

released April 28, 2017

All music & lyrics by Cryptworm.

Mixed & Mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Studios.

Artwork & Logo by Mark Riddick.

Strictly limited to 100 copies on Cassette through Goatprayer Records.
Issued in ‘Classic Black & White’ Demo form.


Ululatum Tollunt Cassette Cover

GOATPRAYER RECORDS presents ULULATUM TOLLUNT’s debut mini-album, Quantum Noose of Usurpation. A relatively new entity formed in 2015 and hailing from various parts of the United States, ULULATUM TOLLUNT originally self-released an initial pressing of Quantum Noose of Usurpation, under a different title and in extremely limited quantities, but it exhibited a shockingly mature sound – and one so shockingly severe, leaving us with no other recourse but to unleash Quantum Noose of Usurpation upon the international metal underground.

The moniker of ULULALTUM TOLLUNT translates from Latin to “war cry,” which is fitting for the primeval power loosed by Quantum Noose of Usurpation: it is eldritch energy that elevates and destroys, wholly and austerely existing at the axis between chaos and order. Anchored by a hulking physicality and slimy density and freely moving between martial thrust and molten churn, the power-trio could be conveniently classed as “war metal,” but such an over-simplification does a disservice to the deeply metaphorical lyricism which informs the band’s entire aesthetic. The convolutions and evolutions of power, both in human and inhuman realms, and from the quantum to the worldly to the cosmic in scale – these are the scales of balance upon which ULULATUM TOLLUNT weigh. It is POWER, wielded and witnessed, forlorn and fearful.

The new cover art, executed by comrade J. Estes, vividly demonstrates ULULATUM TOLLUNT’s world-eating ways and some of the symbolism within Quantum Noose of Usurpation. There is a theory in physics that all is composed of a fabric woven of finite loops – our quantum nooses. An associated notion declares the multiplicity and cyclicality of universes, that all is created from destruction. The wormhole swallowing the cover depicts a fitting mechanism, a cosmic passageway wrought of a star’s aeonic demise, a portal of usurpation. At its side, the morningstars of fire and steel, of thought and brawn, are the armaments of such usurpations on a human scale. Like the record’s concept, ULULATUM TOLLUNT manifest both cyclicality and the forward march – both the overarching ebb-and-flow flux of power and its infinite meteoric advancements. There, the trio themselves bristle with both barbarity and esotericism, an unyielding staunchness met with perpetual transformation.

Indeed, ULULATUM TOLLUNT are just beginning, and Quantum Noose of Usurpation comprises 20 minutes of cosmic crush and primeval pulse. Their overwhelming enormity and in-the-red diabolism fondly recall that of pivotal INVICTUS cult DIOCLETIAN, but with a gnarled nous all their own. Rise by order of the triumph continuum!

The Debut Mini-Album from Ululatum Tollunt released in Cassette form.

Strictly limited to 100 copies on cassette via Goatprayer Records.

Issued on a special Quantum ‘Grey’ Shell & Inked in Cosmic ‘Gold’.


The return of VACIVUS.

Following on from their ‘Rite of Ascension’ EP, the band delve further to the epicentre of the void and in their wake,
return with Two new invigoratingly executed rituals entitled ‘Nuclear Chaos’.

Building further upon the intensity invoked within R.o.A, these rituals have been brought forth with a particularly veracious and uncompromising indulgence in the bands carefully manipulated Blackened Death sound. The invoked rituals known as;

Ritual I: ‘Unchaining the Winds of Uncreation’,
Ritual II: ‘Blind Idiot God’,

have been exclusively & masterfully bound to a 7″ E.P for Goatprayer Records, with mastering handled by Dan Lowndes of Resonance Sound Studio.
Whilst Brooke Johnson has captured the immense visual meaning within ‘Nuclear Chaos’ for the the sleeve artwork.

This release will be Limited to 250 copies on 7″ Black Wax.


hegemony demo mmxvi

The Crushing Debut demo of HEGEMONY from Birmingham, Alabama.

Featuring members of Ectovoid & more.
For Fans of Revenge, Diocletian, Pissgrave


Featuring 3 tracks OF Raw, Hate filled Crushing Death.

Strictly limited to 100 copies on Cassette through Goatprayer Records.
Issued on a Black Shell & inked in White.


whipstriker only filth will prevail


9 Tracks of Filth ridden Death Marching Rock ‘N’ Roll. ONLY FILTH WILL PREVAIL!

Strictly limited to 100 copies on cassette through Goatprayer Records.
Issued on a special Crushed ‘White’ Bone shell & inked with the Dead’s ‘Black’ Ashes.

The Third Full Length record from Brazilian overlord WHIPSTRIKER.

9 Tracks of Filth ridden Death Marching Rock ‘N’ Roll. ONLY FILTH WILL PREVAIL!


1- Waiting for the Doomsday
2 – Satan´Slaves
3 – Nuclear Metal Blood
4 – Eletric Bloodbath
5 – Flames of Hate
6 – Flag of Cruelty
7 – Armless Dance
8 – Death Vigilance
9 – Armageddon Delight


Recorded at Tocaya Wild Sound – Rio de Janeiro, March 2016.
Artcover by Mark Riddick.
Master by Joel Grind.
released September 1, 2016