Lamp of Murmuur – ‘Heir of Ecliptical Romanticism’

After releasing a cascade of Three Demos in quick succession, an EP, a Split record with the UK’s Revenant Marquis, finally topped off by a Forth Demo, it was time for the enigmatic M. to place on the parted soil a full length.

MMXX saw the release of Lamp of Murmuur’s debut full length ritualistic haunting, aptly titled ‘Heir of Ecliptical Romanticism’.

Released officially on Death Kvlt Productions (UK) on Tape / Vinyl, whilst North America saw the handling of the Vinyl by Not Kvlt (US).

MMXXI then saw the need to reissue this long sold out album, so together Goatprayer Records & Death Kvlt Productions have taken on the worldwide release & distribution of ‘Heir of Ecliptical Romanticism’ on CD format.

Revenant Marquis​ / ​Lamp of Murmuur – ‘Revenant Marquis​ / ​Lamp of Murmuur Split’

Originally released in MMXX on Vinyl by Death Kvlt Production (UK) and on Cassette by Les Fleurs du Mal Productions (Canada), both version long sold out.

The time has been reach for Goatprayer Records (UK) & Death Kvlt Productions (UK) to reissue this illustrious split record in MMXXI in CD format for the first time.

Taking two of the most unique Lo-Fi Black Metal artists and capturing them together at pinnacle points in their creations, this split gives a unique insight into the foreboding atmosphere of both fabled advocates of the Dark Arts over the course of Seven Tomes expanding 42 minutes.

Ferriterium – ‘Le Dernier Livre’

The 2nd album from Epic French Black Metal Band Ferriterium .
Entitled ‘Le Dernier Livre’, meaning ‘The Last Book’.

Originally released back in MMXIX on CD only we will now be giving this album the analogue treatment on Cassette.

Featuring Six Chapters spread over a running time of 43 minutes, this album well and truly stands up against the latest opus ‘Calvaire’ with Raido taking full responsibility for all compositions once again.

The cassette will feature a new master that pushes the production of this album out every further beyond the original release.

The artwork has also gone through a considerable reworking to separate it from the original CD design, this reworking has been completed by I.T.G.R

Messiah in the Abyss – ‘Necromanticae’

Delving straight into the abyss to bring back from the South American region of Venezuela’s, Messiah in the Abyss.

Finally receiving a physical release, we shall be issuing the bands latest Anti-Cosmic record ‘Necromanticae’ on true analogue worshipped cassettes.

Set over the course of Eight rites, an unsettling mix of chaotic and trance inducing riffs find themselves within this unearthly abusive 45 minute mix.

The cassettes will be issued in a skull white shell and have an on-body print in black and will be strictly limited to 50.

Ferriterium – ‘Calvaire’

‘Calvaire’ is the Third album from French Black Metal band Ferriterium.
We’re please to bring this massive epic opus exclusively to Cassette for the Band.

Ferriterium – ‘Calvaire’ Limited Edition Cassette on a Transparent Crimson Blood Cassette Shell

Oppressive Descent Alchemy and War


Limited Edition European Cassette version of Portland based USBM outfit Oppressive Descent’s 2nd Album ‘Alchemy and War’.
Issued on a Crimson Blood Transparent Cassette Shell with full J-Card.

Oppressive Descent Nocte Venari


Five tracks of cold occult grimness from Portland based USBM artist Oppressive Descent recorded in 2020 and released in February of 2021 on a Military Grey Cassette as a European Version.

Adder MMXIX Vinyl Cover


Taking the original Adder tape to a whole new dimension, providing a new mix and mastering specifically for the Vinyl and cut at 45rpm for the ultimate experience.
Whilst the sound has had an overhaul the artwork also receives an overhaul in it’s design philosophy, stripping it back and extending it throughout the inlay card and the expansion of the artwork vision that takes place on the Die-hard Version.

Hosste – ‘In Sullen Praise of Somnus’

The debut of an entirely new entity forged by the masterful mind of A|V, behind the Black Metal project Abduction.
December the 4th 2020 will see the emergence of HOSSTE with their debut entitled ‘In Sullen Praise of Somnus’.

‘In Sullen Praise of Somnus’ will be introduced to the world with a 26+ minute opus that conjures vast and ancient landscapes rich in history and bereft of modern culture.
With swelling ambience developed to counterpoint dungeon synth melodies, in a glorious and mystical repetition that exceeds the preconceptions of the genre.

Whilst HOSSTE expand further into a world of richer and expansive sounds, a primitive notion of what was to come can be heard in Abduction’s previous output in such tracks as ‘Embattled’ or the rare track ‘Grim March’.
Make no mistake HOSSTE is a departure from these tracks, they can merely serve as an early call out to what this project would soon become.

However, with these foundations laid, A|V was able to begin channeling the backdrop of what could be done within this realm whilst drawing on a much larger soundscape that would appease fans of Ulver, Tenhi, Beherit.

To encompass this body of work A|V has aptly entitled it as ‘In Sullen Praise of Somnus’.
In Roman mythology, the personification, the God of sleep is Somnus, alongside his brother Mors, the God of Death, they have provided a fitting allegory for this sibling project.

On December the 4th 2020 pre-order will go live for the release via Goatprayer Records.
Released in Cassette and Digital formats.

All first pressings of the Cassette will feature a further bonus track exclusive to this edition and will feature artwork and an inlay that has been put together by ‘I.T.G.R’.
released December 4, 2020

All music created and performed by A|V.
Artwork and layout by ‘I.T.G.R’.



Raw Vampyric Black Metal layered with classic 90’s Black Metal Synths that invokes celestial battles in the skies.
With nods to Limbonic Art, Vargrav & Old Sorcery serving as indicators for this ferocious Aussie frenzy.



We’re pleased to present a double cassette boxset of material from Brazil’s Whipstriker.

This boxset will deliver over 2.5 hours worth of music spread over 50 tracks from the bands incredibly vast collection of split records that were initially released in separately in 7/10/12″ LP form at the time of the splits.

For the first time now they’ll all be collected together in this boxset which will come with two black shelled cassettes printed in silver, a photo booklet inlay featuring live photos from the era of the splits. This will be delivered together in a special handmade box for this project, celebrating the early days of Whipstriker and will truly capture the essence of the band from 2010 – 2017.

The boxset contains:
Tape 1: Seven Inches of Hell: Part 1
Tape 2: Seven Inches of Hell: Part 2
Photo booklet inlay with a reverse B&W poster.
Handmade heavy duty card box with a inner artwork flood.
*Colourized A4 Narrow poster * First 50 Orders

Boxset shipping out mid September.



An unlawfully relentless and raw collection of new songs gathered together on tape.

Cyclopean Thunderbolt will feature Four new songs of attack with cover artwork provided by ‘The Female’.

Die-Hard Editions will be expanded with an Exclusive Bonus Cassette entitled:

Grim March’

This tape will feature Two further tracks,expanding on the energies contained within ‘Cyclopean Thunderbolt’ and will be exclusive to this edition.


A new English entity has awoken,escaping from the North Warwickshire lands.

It has presented itself alongside 4 Hypnotic Hymns of cold isolating sounds.

Towns folk, Take Heed, Be Forewarned

‘For the Fools day might be over, but the Serpents journey has only just begun.’

Released April 10, 2020
Adder are:
DF – Vocals and Lyrics
JH- Guitars and Production
ME – Drums
MB – Bass


Deus Vermin Monument to Decay Vinyl

Crawling out of the insufferable sewers of Leeds, Deus Vermin have encapsulated a thoroughly suffocating and violently dissonant record in the shape of ‘Monument to Decay’.

The band first introduced their suffering sound in November of 2017 with their aptly entitled demo tape ‘MMXVII’, featuring two tracks ‘Disdain’ & ‘Iniquity’. The 1st pressing of the tapes quickly sold out before receiving a 2nd pressing.

The band then begun the process of writing what was to be the next record. Within 7 months DV bestowed upon us their Debut EP ‘Monument to Decay’.

A truly encapsulating effort and rightly at home with the UK’s more dark and intense acts such as Abyssal & Dragged into Sunlight.
‘Monument to Decay’ consisted of 5 tracks and one horrendously suffocating intro that builds up into the atmosphere that can be found through the EP from start to finish.

Whilst some may succumb to subtle reminiscent hints of Deathspell Omega within ‘Monument to Decay’ however, if one was to look deeper for a moment it is quickly identifiable and more arguably a unique blend of Black influenced Death Metal akin to the likes of Mitochondrion, Altarage, Adversarial & Impetuous Ritual that Deus Vermin have created here, whilst still adding something individual to the sound.
Without further a due, Goatprayer Records is proud to commit to vinyl this monumental record.

Specifically mastered for vinyl, the record will encompass the bands full body of works to date, ‘Monument to Decay’ & the long sold out and never repressed demo tape ‘MMXVII’.

The Vinyl will be cut at 45rpm & pressed solely on Black Wax to maintain the master’s fidelity and expand on the truly horrifyingly suffocating aural experience.

Each record will be delivered within Black Bags and housed within a Reverse Board print of the Outer Sleeve featuring the artwork created by Seals of Blackening in its full presence, adding a unique and gratifying textured accomplice to the dot & grained effect of the artwork’s creation. A full-sized Lyric sheet & a Digital Download code with the ability to download in multiple formats. Limited to 121 copies.

There will be two further Die-Hard versions of the record:

Firstly, the record will come with an extra triple folded gateway sleeve wrap which measures 840mm in length. This will feature extra artwork created by Misanthropic Art. Along with some visually impressive live photos of the band. On the reverse side, there will be a large length print of the artwork by Seals of Blackening, which can also serve perfectly as a poster. This version will be strictly limited to 100 copies & hand numbered.

The Second version will include the above – plus a hand numbered Test Pressing of the record housed within the alternative cover alongside the main version of the record. Only 29 of these will be produced, however not all of them will be for sale and thus so only a limited amount of these will be released to the public.

Pre-Orders will stat on the 24/05/2019

The vinyl will be available in the following forms:

Standard Edition of the LP:

– Deus Vermin ‘Monument to Decay’ LP
– 300gsm Outer Cover
– Reverse Board Cover Print
– 140g Black Vinyl housed in Black Sleeves
– Full sized 2pg lyric sheet
– Cover art by Seals of Blackening
– Recorded/mixed/mastered at Vagrant Recordings
– Download Code
– Limited to 121 copies.

Die Hard Edition of the LP:

– Deus Vermin ‘Monument to Decay’ LP
– Triple folded gateway sleeve wrap / 840mm poster
– 300gsm Outer Cover
– Reverse Board Cover Print
– 140g Black Vinyl housed in Black Sleeves
– Full sized 2pg lyric sheet
– Cover art by Seals of Blackening
– Recorded/mixed/mastered at Vagrant Recordings
– Download Code
– Limited to 100 copies.

Ultra Die Hard Edition of the LP:

– Deus Vermin ‘Monument to Decay’ LP
– Triple folded gateway sleeve wrap / 840mm poster
– 300gsm Outer Cover
– Reverse Board Cover Print
– 140g Black Vinyl housed in Black Sleeves
– Full sized 2pg lyric sheet
– Cover art by Seals of Blackening
– Recorded/mixed/mastered at Vagrant Recordings
– Download Code
– Hand numbered Test pressing of the LP
– Housed within an all White Sleeve / Black Poly Bag
– Placed within the Triple gatefold sleeve wrap
– Limited to 29 copies.


Marking our 20th release thus far, this is something truly special:

Carcinoma (UK) | Abyssal (UK) – ‘Apanthropinization’

Two of the UK’s most atmospherically enriched Black/Death bands together on one Split Album with each band delivering 4 new passages of utterly chaotic descent expanded over 38 Minutes.

‘Apanthropinization’ gives the truest introduction yet to Carcinoma. This 3 piece have taken their time to refine & delve further into the chaotic psyche of man’s own created abyss since their S/T and self-released Demo came out in 2015. Now fully ready to unleash their perfectly crafted aural assault of horrifically drenched Blackened Death it is evidently clear that Carcinoma have taken the best stance towards creating an atmosphere like no other.

The second half of ‘Apanthropinization’ features the long awaited & highly anticipated follow-up to Abyssal’s ‘Antikatastaseis’ ( Profound Lore Records / Iron Bonehead Productions). With its timely arrival finally upon us Abyssal have carved a climactic descent into absolute pandemonium. Needing little, to no introduction, Abyssal have taken ‘Apanthropinization’ and elevated it further down a darker path of questioning before leaving the record in an absolute transcending maze of chaos.

In support of the release there will be Two Exclusive Abyssal rituals to coincide with the release: 


vacivus temple of the abyss

VACIVUS are one of the UK’s most promising new death metal bands who have been making impressions within the UK death metal scene for the last few years during a cycle of two recent EPs, “Rite Of Ascension” and the recently released “Nuclear Chaos” 7” respectively, and being pretty consistent on the live front as well. VACIVUS play a familiar style of dark brutal death metal that takes influence from classic old school U.S. death metal while finding its place within today’s death metal echelon fitting in amongst such bands as Dead Congregation, Blood Incantation, Grave Miasma, Cruciamentum, Phrenelith etc.

Their new full-length album “Temple Of The Abyss” shows immense musical growth in such a short time since the band’s initial inception in 2013. Musically “Temple Of The Abyss” (recorded and mixed at Priory Studios by Greg Chandler of Esoteric) captures all the essential elements inherent; the unrelenting brutality, dark brooding atmosphere, the infectious riffs and guitar shredding that lays down the backbone to a solid rhythm section making “Temple Of The Abyss” a death metal wonder to behold.

This is the debut full length from Vacivus, ‘Temple of the Abyss’ on cassette.
Strictly limited to 100 copies. Pressed on Void Noir Shell and Inked in Cosmic Gold.


Cryptworm tape cover

From the stirrings of the Tombstones comes a great wretched stench of Death!

Presenting the debut Demo Tape from the festering minds of UK & Hungarian Maniacs, Cryptworm.

Featuring 3 Tracks of rancid & putrid death aptly entitled:

– Gruesome Death
– Cannibalized
– Gutswamp

Currently operating only as a Two Piece, Cryptworm present a solid foundation in this old school demo of death.

It’s clear With the level of experience garnered from current & past activities in acts such as Pale Mist (UK), Grave Crusher (Hungary), Coffinborn (Hungary) among countless others, it has only left them with a stronger axe to grind in ferociously carving out their vision of death.

To round out the demo, the visuals of the cover have been left to the sick & twisted masterworks of the infamous Mark Riddick.

With finally the tape being issued in classic Black & White demo form.

released April 28, 2017

All music & lyrics by Cryptworm.

Mixed & Mastered by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Studios.

Artwork & Logo by Mark Riddick.

Strictly limited to 100 copies on Cassette through Goatprayer Records.
Issued in ‘Classic Black & White’ Demo form.


Ululatum Tollunt Cassette Cover

GOATPRAYER RECORDS presents ULULATUM TOLLUNT’s debut mini-album, Quantum Noose of Usurpation. A relatively new entity formed in 2015 and hailing from various parts of the United States, ULULATUM TOLLUNT originally self-released an initial pressing of Quantum Noose of Usurpation, under a different title and in extremely limited quantities, but it exhibited a shockingly mature sound – and one so shockingly severe, leaving us with no other recourse but to unleash Quantum Noose of Usurpation upon the international metal underground.

The moniker of ULULALTUM TOLLUNT translates from Latin to “war cry,” which is fitting for the primeval power loosed by Quantum Noose of Usurpation: it is eldritch energy that elevates and destroys, wholly and austerely existing at the axis between chaos and order. Anchored by a hulking physicality and slimy density and freely moving between martial thrust and molten churn, the power-trio could be conveniently classed as “war metal,” but such an over-simplification does a disservice to the deeply metaphorical lyricism which informs the band’s entire aesthetic. The convolutions and evolutions of power, both in human and inhuman realms, and from the quantum to the worldly to the cosmic in scale – these are the scales of balance upon which ULULATUM TOLLUNT weigh. It is POWER, wielded and witnessed, forlorn and fearful.

The new cover art, executed by comrade J. Estes, vividly demonstrates ULULATUM TOLLUNT’s world-eating ways and some of the symbolism within Quantum Noose of Usurpation. There is a theory in physics that all is composed of a fabric woven of finite loops – our quantum nooses. An associated notion declares the multiplicity and cyclicality of universes, that all is created from destruction. The wormhole swallowing the cover depicts a fitting mechanism, a cosmic passageway wrought of a star’s aeonic demise, a portal of usurpation. At its side, the morningstars of fire and steel, of thought and brawn, are the armaments of such usurpations on a human scale. Like the record’s concept, ULULATUM TOLLUNT manifest both cyclicality and the forward march – both the overarching ebb-and-flow flux of power and its infinite meteoric advancements. There, the trio themselves bristle with both barbarity and esotericism, an unyielding staunchness met with perpetual transformation.

Indeed, ULULATUM TOLLUNT are just beginning, and Quantum Noose of Usurpation comprises 20 minutes of cosmic crush and primeval pulse. Their overwhelming enormity and in-the-red diabolism fondly recall that of pivotal INVICTUS cult DIOCLETIAN, but with a gnarled nous all their own. Rise by order of the triumph continuum!

The Debut Mini-Album from Ululatum Tollunt released in Cassette form.

Strictly limited to 100 copies on cassette via Goatprayer Records.

Issued on a special Quantum ‘Grey’ Shell & Inked in Cosmic ‘Gold’.


The return of VACIVUS.

Following on from their ‘Rite of Ascension’ EP, the band delve further to the epicentre of the void and in their wake,
return with Two new invigoratingly executed rituals entitled ‘Nuclear Chaos’.

Building further upon the intensity invoked within R.o.A, these rituals have been brought forth with a particularly veracious and uncompromising indulgence in the bands carefully manipulated Blackened Death sound. The invoked rituals known as;

Ritual I: ‘Unchaining the Winds of Uncreation’,
Ritual II: ‘Blind Idiot God’,

have been exclusively & masterfully bound to a 7″ E.P for Goatprayer Records, with mastering handled by Dan Lowndes of Resonance Sound Studio.
Whilst Brooke Johnson has captured the immense visual meaning within ‘Nuclear Chaos’ for the the sleeve artwork.

This release will be Limited to 250 copies on 7″ Black Wax.


hegemony demo mmxvi

The Crushing Debut demo of HEGEMONY from Birmingham, Alabama.

Featuring members of Ectovoid & more.
For Fans of Revenge, Diocletian, Pissgrave


Featuring 3 tracks OF Raw, Hate filled Crushing Death.

Strictly limited to 100 copies on Cassette through Goatprayer Records.
Issued on a Black Shell & inked in White.


whipstriker only filth will prevail


9 Tracks of Filth ridden Death Marching Rock ‘N’ Roll. ONLY FILTH WILL PREVAIL!

Strictly limited to 100 copies on cassette through Goatprayer Records.
Issued on a special Crushed ‘White’ Bone shell & inked with the Dead’s ‘Black’ Ashes.

The Third Full Length record from Brazilian overlord WHIPSTRIKER.

9 Tracks of Filth ridden Death Marching Rock ‘N’ Roll. ONLY FILTH WILL PREVAIL!


1- Waiting for the Doomsday
2 – Satan´Slaves
3 – Nuclear Metal Blood
4 – Eletric Bloodbath
5 – Flames of Hate
6 – Flag of Cruelty
7 – Armless Dance
8 – Death Vigilance
9 – Armageddon Delight


Recorded at Tocaya Wild Sound – Rio de Janeiro, March 2016.
Artcover by Mark Riddick.
Master by Joel Grind.
released September 1, 2016



Our 12th release was our final release of 2015. The Debut Album from the US’s Neo-Folk Acoustic Doom band, DOLVEN.
Aptly entitled ‘Navigating the Labyrinth’.

Featuring 7 passages infused with a sophisticated blend of Neo-Folk inspired Acoustic Doom, crafted by members behind bands such as Agalloch, Ironwood, Weregoat and more and also featuring a further guest appearance from Don Anderson (Agalloch and more).

These seven passages deal with the labyrinth of the human minds range of emotions, that are encounter and traversed through in our journey from life to death.

The release see’s a multi-format issuing across CD, Tape & Digital.

CD in Jewel case format. Featuring a full colour 8 page booklet including full lyrics and an accompanying ‘Art Gallery’ to accompany the lyrics themes over a Three-Act Structure.

Whilst the CASSETTE version strictly limited to 100 copies. Featuring alternative artwork painstakingly reconstructed & re-imagined from the original Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones painting ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. The artwork expands into a 4 page J-Card, whilst adding a labyrinth’s corridor of lyrics on the inner side. The cassette will be issues in a Black shell with Gold print.

To round out this unique experience the album has been mixed and mastered by legendary producer Billy Anderson.



Goatprayer Records were honoured to present a ritualistic summoning of the debut release by UK Black band Bone Tomb.

Featuring 2 unique rituals entitled, ‘Tombs of Blood’ & ‘Macabre is Eternal’, with a further 3rd in dedication to the all mighty Celtic Frost’s ‘Sorrows of the Moon’.

BONE TOMB is comprised of Dan Rochester of Vacivus, handling all instruments and vocals, with the exception of keys & effects,these where handled by Mark Deeks.

The cassettes was strictly limited to 50 relics and entombed within a ‘Bone White’ shell and inked in Gold.

Releases on the 3rd of August 2015.



The Debut EP from the UK’s worshipers at the Temple of the Abyss.

VACIVUS – ‘Rite of Asecnsion’.

Featuring 5 tracks dealing with Occult, Death & Transcendence,

Strictly limited to 100 copies on cassette through Goatprayer Records.

Issued on a special Noir ‘Black’ Void Shell & inked with the blood of their enemies.
released July 4, 2015

Nick Craggs – Vocals
Dan Rochester – Guitars
Ross Oliver – Guitars
Dan Jones – Bass
Ian Finley – Drums

Recorded at The Garage in October 2014.
Mixing by Chipy. Photography by Lex lennox.
Artwork, logo and layout by A.B.S



Old school Death Metal from Brazil for Horror fanatics.
released February 10, 2015

All Music and lyrics by Hugo Golon.
All instruments and vocals was recorded by Hugo Golon, at RH Studios between 2013-2014.

First pressing released 10th Feb 2015
Second pressing released 06th May 2015

1st pressing hand number & limited to only 50 copies issued on ‘Pulverized Pink Flesh’ coloured cassette.
2nd pressing hand number & limited to only 50 copies issued on ‘Puked Yellow Bile’ coloured cassette.



4 Track EP of US Death Metal from Phoenix/Tucson, Arizona.

Gatecreeper play an abrasive mix of Old School Swedish Death in the vain of Entombed or Carnage, adding on top a layer of swamped out riffs much to the likes of early Obituary/Bolt Thrower.

Limited to 100 copies on Metallic Silver Shell with Black ink.

Recorded by Ryan Bram at Homewrecker Studios in Tucson, AZ.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE.

Album artwork by JGA.
Logo by Andy Leemont.



The first live album in Grave Desecrator’s history. Recorded in Bressuire, France on the 12th of March 2012 during the ‘Desecrating Europe’ tour.

The recording captures a vicious & raw live ritual, much to the vein of Mayhem’s quintessential ‘Live in Leipzig’ or even Sabbat’s ‘Live at Blokula’.

Limited to 100 copies on Cassette. 80 in Blood Red shells with black hubs & 20 Clear Evil shells with Red hubs.

First 50 copies come with an A3 Back patch.
released March 4, 2014



Two track EP/Promo tape from UK Band AUSTERYMN.

For fans of the late 80’s to early 90’s Swedish Death Metal Sound.
Very much in vain and inspired by the sounds created on the likes of Entombed’ ‘Left Hand Path’, Dismember ‘Like an Ever Flowing Stream’ or even early Unleashed records like ‘Where No Live Dwells or Grave ‘Into The Grave’.

Cassettes Limited to 50 copies on Black shell with artwork affixed.
Sleeve printed on 250gram card.

First Pressing limited to 50 copies on Black Shell with affixed artwork.
Cover/Artwork/lyric sleeve coems on 250gm Silk card stock.

Release date 4th December 2013




6 track Demo from US band NAPALM CHRIST now available on cassette from Goatprayer Records. (Bonus track only available on cassette.
Featuring current & ex-members of RWAKE, SHITFIRE & SHREDDED CORPSE.

The demo is filled with a wall of FilthyGrindingDoom with influences ranging from all angles.

6 Track demo with bonus track of ‘Seasons of Dirt’ (Only on cassette).
Limited to 100.

Released around late August/early September 2013
The linup consisted of:

Kiffin Rogers – Guitar, Vocals
Michael Lawrence – Guitar
Alan Wells – Bass, Vocals
David Sroczynski – Drums

Recorded by Alan Wells with assistance from Keith Bracy
Mastered by Collin Jordan at Boiler Room Mastering
Artwork by Dennis Lee Hughes



Limited Edition cassette of the debut album ‘Inverted Blood’ by Old School South American Death Metal band BODE PRETO in clear cassette shell.

Cassette version comes with full colour alternative artwork, each hand number, plus a digital download of the album.



Split cassette release between Human Cull (UK) & Homolka (Canada)

Human Cull (UK) & Homolka (Canada) split cassettes limited to 25 copies on white cassette shells



Debut EP by UK street punk band THE DISFIGURED.
Featuring 7 tracks of Anarcho Street Punk.
Released on a limited blue cassette for their EP Launch show.
The band soon split up afterwards.

Each copy was hand numbered and each Big Ben clock face was given an individual timing on it face to coincide with the numbered edition by the artist.

Each tape also came with a unique download code.
All cassettes have since sold out.

Released October 16, 2012

All music & lyrics by Josh ‘Masta’ Lee & Josh ‘Drummer’ Hughff


Released March 15, 2012

Artwork by Luke Oram: