Atavisma – ‘On the Ruins of a Fallen Empire’ 7″ EP


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Atavisma – ‘On the Ruins of a Fallen Empire’ 7″ EP

ATAVISMA’s debut EP, On the Ruins of a Fallen Empire, on 7″ vinyl format. Hailing from the fertile French death metal scene, ATAVISMA create a doomed-out and disorienting sound. Foregoing obtuse murkiness whilst retaining a grave-crushing heaviness, utilizing structures that flit between the linear and the labyrinthine, and always locating the deepest bowels of disgusting DOOM, this quartet are not an easy one to pigeonhole – but let it be known that they’re entirely and truly DEATH METAL to the rotten core. To date, ATAVISMA have released a demo and a split 7″, and the two songs that comprise On the Ruins of a Fallen Empire yet add lengthy excursions into a still-blooming and bound-to-be-bountiful crypt of darkness ‘n’ dread.


For fans of: Ululatum Tollunt ‘Quantum Noose of Usurpation’.

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