Hosste – In Sullen Praise of Somnus


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1st Pressing of ‘In Sullen Praise of Somnus’ on a Limited Edition Cassette featuring a:

– Black Cassette Shell
– Full Colour Label
– Colour J-Card
– Bonus Secret Track exclusive to this tape pressing.

The debut of an entirely new entity forged by the masterful mind of A|V, behind the Black Metal project Abduction.
December the 4th 2020 will see the emergence of HOSSTE with their debut entitled ‘In Sullen Praise of Somnus’.

‘In Sullen Praise of Somnus’ will be introduced to the world with a 26+ minute opus that conjures vast and ancient landscapes rich in history and bereft of modern culture.
With swelling ambience developed to counterpoint dungeon synth melodies, in a glorious and mystical repetition that exceeds the preconceptions of the genre.

Whilst HOSSTE expand further into a world of richer and expansive sounds, a primitive notion of what was to come can be heard in Abduction’s previous output in such tracks as ‘Embattled’ or the rare track ‘Grim March’.
Make no mistake HOSSTE is a departure from these tracks, they can merely serve as an early call out to what this project would soon become.

However, with these foundations laid, A|V was able to begin channeling the backdrop of what could be done within this realm whilst drawing on a much larger soundscape that would appease fans of Ulver, Tenhi, Beherit.

To encompass this body of work A|V has aptly entitled it as ‘In Sullen Praise of Somnus’.
In Roman mythology, the personification, the God of sleep is Somnus, alongside his brother Mors, the God of Death, they have provided a fitting allegory for this sibling project.

On December the 4th 2020 pre-order will go live for the release via Goatprayer Records.
Released in Cassette and Digital formats.

All first pressings of the Cassette will feature a further bonus track exclusive to this edition and will feature artwork and an inlay that has been put together by ‘I.T.G.R’.
released December 4, 2020

All music created and performed by A|V.
Artwork and layout by ‘I.T.G.R’.

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Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 22 × 17 × 2.5 cm