Malleus – ‘Storm of Witchcraft’ CD


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Malleus – ‘Storm of Witchcraft’ CD

The debut album of America’s MALLEUS Storm of Witchcraft on CD. Originally self-released during the autumn of 2016 but only digitally and on tape, so enthralled by MALLEUS’ endlessly headbanging filth was BLOOD HARVEST that the label just HAD to release it on ALL physical formats! Like a relic from a lost time, Storm of Witchcraft rages forward on a rusty ‘n’ crusty axis of Hellhammer, debut-era Bathory, and early Celtic Frost. However familiar it may sound on paper – and in execution, more so – MALLEUS nevertheless evince an engaging elan that’s equal parts devilish fun and all-out evil, splitting the difference between alcoholocaustic gallop and dread-inducing downtempos. And it’s aptly titled, too: Storm of Witchcraft possesses that ancient, old-world aura that puts this safely beyond simple “party music.” No matter how you choose to process it, Storm of Witchcraft is a poisonous first strike for MALLEUS!


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