Supremative – ‘Servitude of the Impurity’ 7″ EP


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Supremative – ‘Servitude of the Impurity’ 7″ EP

SUPREMATIVE’s Servitude of the Impurity on 7″ vinyl format. Originally released as a demo tape in 2013 and now nearly impossible to find, Servitude of the Impurity introduced SUPREMATIVE to the international underground with the force of an atomic bomb. Across four fierce ‘n’ filthy tracks, SUPREMATIVE explode with a mangled ‘n’ mangling maw of warring bestiality that drowns the listener in pitch-black sewage. Comparisons have been made to late/great countrymen Proclamation (RIP), which are flattering and mostly accurate, but SUPREMATIVE’s particular style of black/death is deeply rooted in early grindcore. Nevertheless, the title Servitude of the Impurity says everything it needs to. But act fast, as Servitude of the Impurity is limited to only 250 copies, and serves as a precursor to the SUPREMATIVE debut album slated for release on BLOOD HARVEST in 2017. – (Nathan T. Birk)


For fans of: Ululatum Tollunt ‘Quantum Noose of Usurpation’.

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