Introducing Goatprayer Records next release: Cryptworm – ‘Cryptworm’ Demo Tape.

From the stirrings of the Tombstones comes a great wretched stench of Death!

Presenting the debut Demo Tape from the festering minds of UK & Hungarian Maniacs, Cryptworm.

Featuring 3 Tracks of rancid & putrid death aptly entitled:

– Gruesome Death
– Cannibalized
– Gutswamp

Currently operating only as a Two Piece, Cryptworm present a solid foundation in this old school demo of death.
It’s clear With the level of experience garnered from current & past activities in acts such as Pale Mist (UK), Grave Crusher (Hungary), Coffinborn (Hungary) among countless others, it has only left them with a stronger axe to grind in ferociously carving out their vision of death.

To round out the demo, the visuals of the cover have been left to the sick & twisted masterworks of the infamous Mark Riddick.
With finally the tape being issued in classic Black & White demo form.

The tape is now available to stream in its entirety via our Bandcamp page or via the Shop.

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